Changing a datetime value using string manipulation

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By adding string values to dates you can alter the final date value as follows.
You want to work out a date to a specific time then add the time as a string part to the tostring part of the intended date.

Note the format used in the string conversion to make the date appear with a Jan Feb Mar month value. This avoids confusion when we deal with dd/mm (uk) or mm/dd (usa) formats.

This can then be converted back to a date value with CDate.

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Dim TestDate As DateTime = CDate(String.Concat(Now.Date.ToString("dd MMM yyyy"), " 23:59:59")) 'result is 3/15/2010 11:59:59 PM# (was run on 15 Mar 2010) Dim StringDate as string = TestDate.ToString("dd MMM yyyy") 'result is "15 Mar 2010"

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