Incorrectly formed tag Visual Studio

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This error can cause strange effects in compiling a site.
Sometimes when you have a page with incorrect markup Visual Studio will not see this and carry on trying to compile the site.

This causes it to complain about not seeing new controls addded even though the intelisense shows them. I noticed this when in the erros list after compiling, it said incorrectly formed tag, which then immediately disappeared from the list!

The solution is to carefully check your aspx page (or use a previous working copy) because there is something in the markup that is causing the code behind to not see the new controls. The aspx.vb code behind can be kept the same as it usually is due to a fault in the aspx.

So replace the aspx with a previous working copy keep the aspx.vb as is, and try again.

This can save hours of head scratching.
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